The Perfect Underwear for Working at Home

The Perfect Underwear for Working at Home

In light of the current circumstances, the majority of people are now working from home. This means makeshift offices - squeezing into the kitchen table, propping yourself up in bed or on the sofa to work. While working from home isn’t ideal for everyone, it does have its perks – that’s right, it’s the perfect excuse to lounge around in our most comfortable clothing.

Here at Boody we take comfort very seriously. We also believe that comfort starts from the first layer, your underwear. Did you know that the average woman owns approximately 21 pairs of underwear. Approximately 10% of women own over 35 pairs – that’s a lot, we wonder if any would measure up to our super soft Boody undies?

Our Boody garments, which have been described as a “hug that lasts all day”, effortlessly taking you from home office to Netflix and chill. Here are a few reasons why Boody will bring extra comfort while answering emails from your armchair.

Incredibly comfortable & Great for Sensitive Skin. Comparing bamboo to cotton is like comparing cashmere to wool. Super soft to the touch, wearing bamboo viscose clothing simply makes you feel good – light and gentle on skin it’s like wearing a hug.

Anti-static. Not only is bamboo incredibly soft, it is also anti-static, meaning that it doesn't stick to your skin, which is great news when you are glued to a chair all day!

Antibacterial. Bamboo fibre contains an antibacterial and antifungal bio-agent which also makes our essentials odour resistant. This helps keep the clothing fresher for longer which, let’s face it, is good for both you and the planet.

Breathable & Moisture wickingThe hollow microfibres allow for the material to be exceedingly breathable. Providing ventilation and pulling moisture away from the body, allowing your skin to breath, ahhh!

UV protective. Even at home we are bombarded by UV rays, from windows and even from our computer screens. Bamboo fabric has natural UV protection.

There a lot of choice when it comes to underwear, and here at Boody we’re no different. So, whether you’re a Full Brief, Boyleg, Classic Bikini or G-String kinda girl, we’ve got the right pants for you.

Bras are also a key component of any wardrobe, and the bra that you wear every day should be comfortable to such an extent, that you would not feel an immediate need to take it off once you reach home. Well, with our feather light fabric, gentle stretch and no underwire or clasps, Boody ticks the boxes for all day, everyday comfort.

Now that you know about all our benefits, its time to choose the right style for you. Here are a few of our Boody Favourites. 

Delicate & Feminine - The Classic Bikini

This classic style will complement any body shape or size, bringing cosy comfort that feels amazing and fits just right. This mid-rise fit offers more back coverage and has a smooth, flat waistband for guaranteed comfort. The perfect everyday essential that your lover will wear over and over again.

Comforting & Functional - The Boyleg Brief

These boy shorts are so good that you’ll never wear anything else. With full coverage and flattering front seaming, this sporty cut is super practical with a feminine touch.

Soft & Feather-like - The Shaper Crop Bra

When comfort is key this is the bra for you. You'll forget that you’re wearing this bralette - its that feather-like! It can easily double up as a sports bra for any low impact workouts like walking, stretching or yoga. Perfect for those home workouts?

Not forgetting the Boys..!

Sleek & Comfy - The Men's Boxer

Worn right onto the skin, you want to choose a garment and fit that will ensure perfect comfort all day long. Many men tend to use the same underwear for a variety of activities so it’s important to choose a fabric, such as bamboo viscose, which offers 4-way stretch taking you from home office to that daily stroll.

Working from home has never been so comfy!


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