Eco-friendly Resolutions to Make in the New Year

Eco-friendly Resolutions to Make in the New Year
By: Heather Bien

The new year is just around the corner and with it comes the season of resolutions: resolutions to eat healthier, work out more, search for a new job, or start that side hustle. But we want to shift the conversation around resolutions to do something that’s not just good for ourselves, but for the environment and the world around us. 

In 2020, we want to make a commitment to making eco-friendly resolutions in the new year. Here at Boody, we are passionate about creating high-quality products made from sustainable materials. We look to minimise our footprint and do our part for the planet. But, beyond our clothing, accessories, and other products, here’s what we’re doing to make eco-friendly new year’s resolutions.

Buy an Intentional Wardrobe

Of course, we had to start with our wardrobe! Purchasing intentional clothing items helps to build up a capsule wardrobe and limits the environmental impact of fast fashion. By investing in fewer, higher-quality pieces, you’re contributing to more sustainable buying practices. 

Want to go the extra mile? Wash capsule wardrobe clothing in cold water and line-dry whenever possible. It will help them last longer!

Take a Look at the Products You Use in Your Home

Whether it’s cleaning products, makeup, or skincare, take a look at the ingredient list for all items that you’re bringing into your home. Look for products with non-toxic ingredients and ethical business practices. 

And, while it may not be realistic to go 100% clean or organic, you can make an effort to move towards buying products that lower your risk of exposure to chemicals, that do not test on animals, and that use naturally-derived ingredients.

Keep Track of Water Usage

For me, it was a plumbing issue in my building that forced residents to limit water usage for a weekend that drove home just how much water I had been wasting. Sure, I turn off the water when I brush my teeth, but there’s so much more we can do. 

When you’re washing pots and pans, turn off the water while you scrub. Use water from rinsing fruits and veggies to water your garden. Only run full loads of dishes or laundry. Small shifts may not make a significant change in your day-to-day routine, but they can make a big impact on your overall water usage.

Drive Less

If you’re fortunate enough to live in an area with robust public transportation, take advantage of it! Use the subway, bus, walk, or ride your bike whenever possible. Need to travel by car? Try to build in enough time to take the rideshare option rather than calling your own car. 

Live in the suburbs or in a rural area? Consolidate errands to avoid making multiple trips. When you live somewhere where driving is the status quo, it can be easy to get in the routine of driving, even if you’re only going a few blocks away. Consider bucking the driving habit and taking a stroll or riding your bike when headed somewhere nearby.

Focus on Shopping Seasonally When it Comes to Produce

Our first thought when it comes to making eco-friendly decisions in regards to food may be to buy organic, but that’s not the only thing we can do! Focus on shopping in-season produce from local farmers to limit the environmental impact made by shipping out-of-season produce from other regions. 

Also, if it’s realistic for you and your family, consider going meatless one or two nights a week. You may be surprised at how many delicious vegetarian meals you can make!

Always Have a Tote Bag, a Water Bottle, and a Stainless Steel Straw on Hand

We know we should bring along reusable grocery bags. We try to avoid buying plastic disposable water bottles. And, we’ve noticed that more and more restaurants are moving towards paper straws. 

So, let’s make a resolution to make sure we’re prepared each time we’re out and about. Always have a reusable tote bag stashed in your purse or car (seriously, keep them everywhere!). Store a water bottle in the fridge, one in the car, one by the door –– make it impossible to forget! Invest in stainless steel straws that come in their own carrying case so that you can easily toss them in a jacket pocket and always have one on hand. The best way to make a move towards more sustainable practices is to make it so easy you can’t forget.

What Are Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions?

These are the eco-friendly resolutions we’re putting into practice in the new year, but we know there are so many more ways you can reduce your environmental impact and live more sustainably! We encourage you to explore what works for your lifestyle. It’s a long-term process, not an overnight change, and we’re all on this planet together!


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